Participatory Culture

Participatory Culture works to create hybrid [physical-digital] systems that reflect and extend notions of art and culture in contemporary society, particularly in the realms of experiential and multi-dimensional media. Research focuses on cultural production, be it object or environment, that is not static, but emphasizes kinetic, adaptive and dynamic processes in contemporary art making. We explore and develop tools with applications that can range from robotics to architecture, live performance to video games. Participatory Culture provides a place to practice creativity by process of iteration and critique, as well as a potential for opportunities and interactions with professionals from a diversity of fields in art and culture. Themes of interest include aesthetics and inference, the nature of participation and networks, the shifting role of technology in art, and attention to current practices across disciplines. Current activities include an intensive workshop focusing on collaboration amongst students, faculty and working professionals on a single project.

Immerge Performance

Immerge Performance at closing of Emerge 2012