The School of Arts, Media + Engineering conducts research on experiential media: media systems that integrate seamlessly with the human physical experience. We focus on systems that impact large-scale societal problems. We realize our research by bringing together highly collaborative, trans-disciplinary teams of ASU students, faculty and technical staff as well as researchers and practitioners from outside ASU, all of who are invested in improving the human condition.

Adaptive Mixed Reality Rehabilitation.
An example of trans-disciplinary research in experiential media.

There are three broad research themes within the School of Arts, Media + Engineering: health, learning and networked cultures | cultural networks. Our research has led to the design of innovative, media-rich physical environments for health and learning and a deeper understanding of emergent online culture. Our work is embedded in the surrounding communities both regionally and nationally. Our research has been generously supported by federal (NSF, NEA, NEH), state (SFAz), foundation (MacArthur, Kauffman) and industry (Microsoft, Intel, IBM, NEC and Avaya) sources.

Research News

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